Do You Know Your Neuro Status?

Your nervous system is the most important organ system in your body, so it would be very helpful to know your basic neurological status.

This is because neurological or neural function defines recovery of the body from medical illness, how “well” you can become, and how you can maintain your health moving forward.

Why is y0ur nervous system so important?

When and how you move, how you react to your environment, what you uniquely see, smell, taste and feel are all a result of a series of electrical and chemical changes involving your peripheral nerves, spinal cord and brain. All that goes on in your nervous is truly amazing, and unfortunately, at any given time, women especially can be subject to a lot of problems.

Your nerves work by connections and pathways. The nerve cells (neurons) and nerve fibers in your body transmit and receive messages. These messages float around in your nervous system in the form of electrical currents and chemical interactions. These messages allow your brain and spinal cord to communicate with the rest of your body and maintain your body’s equilibrium and health.

The most important thing that we can do to improve our health is acquire, navigate and use knowledge about how the brain and nervous system works to change behaviors, lifestyles and mindsets that improve your health and life.

Your Brain Doctor can help you understand the status of your nervous system , prevent future neurological problems and make a plan to manage any current health problems that you may be challenged with.