Why women?

We have many burdens to bear. Millions of women around the world struggle to manage worrisome physical and mental function problems.

The truth is that you will likely suffer from at least one problem affecting your brain and nervous system in your lifetime. Furthermore, you may not recognize important signs or symptoms of health conditions and diseases that place you most at risk. Research shows the same.

The whole picture of your health is essential.

Typically a women’s health in the medical world is linked primarily to her reproductive health function. But, for you to be truly healthy, you should be aware of brain and nerve health conditions that disproportionately affect you. These conditions include:

  • X Physical health problems, (like high blood pressure and diabetes)
  • X Pregnancy
  • X Traumas
  • X Stressors of caregiving and inequity.

Your nervous system will be challenged at many times throughout your life cycle.  That’s why it is absolutely important that your neurological health becomes a vital part of a your women’s health care plan.