Use your brain power.

Do you want to be intelligent? You will be if you realize that understanding your own nervous is essential for your health and function. For example, here's an important fact to know:

When you are awake, your brain generates about 12-25 watts of electricity. That's enough electricity to power up a  small light bulb!

You learn every day. But what you learn makes a difference in expanding your brain circuits to work better. The learning process takes energy for sure. But if you power your brain up with the right health information, you can shed light on how you can work to reduce neurological health problems. In turn, you will be more intelligent about how you live and function.

Here's what you need to know:

The "What Patients Ask the Most" section is based upon what patients ask during a neurological consultation or a neurology visit. A neurological consultation allows a brain doctor to lend their expertise to you or to your primary doctor.  Furthermore, the articles tagged "From the Source" will give you some personal insights from Your Brain Doctor's co-founder.

In the "Complementary and Alternative Medicine Section (CAM)" several therapies that you may not be able to access in typical medical office visits or heath care centers are outlined for you. Research suggests that CAM provides many benefits in reducing symptoms and disability from neurological disorders.

In the "Neuro Health Lifestyle" section, there is information on how to amp up and stabilize your brain and nervous system. These things may not be reviewed during typical medical visits. You can benefit by learning how to use these behaviors and activities to optimize your routine healthcare plan.

The "Glossary of Terms" relate to your nervous system function. These terms are used by neuroscientists and neuro experts to define your neural health. You will find these terms used throughout the articles and information on Your Brain Doctor.

Browse though the "Articles" Section of Your Brain Doctor. Here are a range of topics about neurological health, women's health and neurological disorders. You'll find up-to-date, evidence-based information sources here. Most importantly, these articles are written or reviewed by Dr. Duncan, who is a  board-certified neurologist. The information is also based on peer-reviewed medical research and information generated by licensed health professionals.

Go ahead and shed some light on your nervous system health!