Why your brain doctor?

Because nervous system problems are widespread and growing in numbers around the world, these health problems come from:

  • Illness
  • Environmental impacts
  • Our physical and mental reactions to our environment.

You deserve clinically relevant knowledge from brain and nerve experts. Everyone should understand how nervous system problems will affect you or your loved ones due to age or sex. Your Brain Doctor wants you to have information that is easy to understand from an expert.

The co-founders of Your Brain Doctor believe that the best health information is based on your own health experience, on your own terms. They have been providing help and solutions for over 20 years to people of all ages and backgrounds who struggle with physical and mental challenges.

Our goal on the ground, person-to-person and digitally is to help you:

  • Improve the function of your nervous system
  • Facilitate care for your nervous system
  • Slow deterioration of your nervous system

Finally, we want to immediately lower your risk of developing devastating diseases without cures, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke. As per research, these health diseases are waiting to come and get us. The goal is to prevent damage to the nervous system and we want you to have the best chance at stomping out theses diseases that we know start decades before  disabling symptoms come to pass.

Our job will not be done until we reach and help as many people to understand how the nervous system works for you and your health.