My back is out.

Back pain is one of the top 5 symptoms that patients will complain about when they visit their doctor.


What puts you at risk for back pain?

Physical muscle strain, such as twisting, lifting, bending the wrong way,  job or personal stress and too little exercise can put you at risk for back pain.

Women in particular lose calcium as they age which is associated with disc bulging, causing conditions such as sciaticaor pain going down the leg from the lower back, as well as symptoms of weakness and numbness of the leg.

Further, women  are more prone to arthritis of the spine as the body ages, and are likely to suffer from back pain during their later years in particular

A condition called degenerative arthritis is the most common condition to cause back pain which can occur in the neck, the mid back, or the low back.

Although our backs can betray us at any age, particularly due to trauma, poor posture, and excessive wear and tear in the midst of every day activities, degenerative spine arthritis is most commonly associated with back pain, particularly as we age.


Arthritis in the spine can cause the nerves that leave your spine to be pinched, causing symptoms of pain, numbness and weakness in your legs. The medical term for these symptoms is radiculopathy (radical.0.pathy).

What can you do for back pain?

Most episodes of acute low back pain will improve in several weeks.

To decrease pain and recover strength:

  • stretching
  • strengthening
  • daily exercises

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