When your life is filled with fear.

Anxiety is a symptom of your nervous system.

It’s similar to how we are impacted when we are afraid because our autonomic nervous system is a part of either a short-term or a chronic anxiety problem.

The autonomic nervous system controls our body’s basic survival response to physical and emotional threats. This is also known as the “fight-or-flight” response.

The bodily changes associated with anxiety comes whether there is an actual or an imagined threat to ourselves, our family, or way of life.

The balance of neurotransmitters in women’s brain can make her more prone to disabling physical symptoms. These symptoms can mimic damaging conditions to our body, like heart attack and stroke. Anxiety can cause heart beat changes, tremors, dizzy spells, fainting, and even breathing, stomach and bladder problems.

Unfortunately, women’s symptoms often get misunderstood or diagnosed as anxiety when this might not be the case. It’s important to remember, that when we experience anxiety, our nervous system could be telling us that there is something off-balance in our body.

Often, a description of what else is going on with the body when we feel anxious, i.e. anxiety when you wake up, when you get to work, or at random times, can help your doctor understand how to best evaluate and diagnosis your problem.

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