They say age is just a number.

Sixty is the new forty.

On a bright sunny day in the summer, one of my senior patients caught the attention of our medical office staff based on her youthful looks and abundant energy when she stated that 60 was the new 40!

Today, if you can manage to stay healthy, age is really just a number. What you do for your brain really translates into what your brain can do for you. The medical literature tells us that what we feed our bodies in our younger years makes all the difference in our health and vital function in our later years. This is why it’s important for you to learn about about how your brain changes with your numbered age and if you do, you will be more intelligent about working at conquering the hands of time.

You still got it.

The good thing is that as you get older, your healthy older brain can function just as well as your young brain. For tasks requiring planning or analysis and organization of information, your mature brain won’t lose out. And, while it is perfectly natural to experience a decrease in the speed at which you are able to process information as your get older, your older brain performs well particularly with tasks that require you to weigh and judge different situations. Although your “wiser” brain will reasonably develop from your life experiences, it does take knowledge, practice, and persistence to preserve your brain and to fight the effects of aging on your brain and nervous system.


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