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Most women do not know about certain neurological symptoms that put them at risk.

Today, an increasing number of women are at risk for developing certain neurological symptoms, brain and nerve disease and related health conditions that cause disability. This site is the starting point to help you understand your risk of developing neurological problems. Further, here you can gain knowledge about how neurological problems can and will affect your general health and every day function.

Why is knowing about neural health risks important for women?

Because diseases such as stroke, dementia and multiple sclerosis cause physical damage to the brain tissue and its nerve connections.  On the other hand, chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and migraine headaches can damage the brain and nerves as well. Most importantly, health conditions such as pregnancy, depression, and female reproductive organ cancer can have devastating effects on a woman's nervous system function.

Your Brain Doctor is designed to make you aware of specific neurological health risks and how to decrease those risks now and in the future.


Women should know what a brain doctor knows about her health.

You are the central part of your health plan. When you can anticipate your own personal health risks, you can manage those risks more effectively. Moreover, if you understand how to protect your nervous system you will have a much higher chance of avoiding severe disability and poor health.

What are the most common health conditions that can impact my brain and nerve function?

There are many.  The most common culprits are:

    • X Diabetes
    • X Heart and vascular disease
    • X Breast and ovarian cancer
    • X Pregnancy and menopause
    • X Neurological diseases
    • X Aging

The above health conditions specifically affect many women in devastating ways. So, more attention needs to focus on women at risk in key places such as in: health care systems, the workplace and society in general. Furthermore, medical research shows that understanding how and when to intervene with a nervous system problem helps to decrease overall disability, fear and despair.


Your plan starts with you and Your Brain Doctor.

You and your nervous system are the centerpiece of this health plan.  Your Brain Doctor is a neurological health management system made for you to compliment your current health care resources. Here, you and your loved ones can access relevant neurological health information, expert resources, support, counseling and guidance surrounding your neural health.

Look for Your Brain Doctor to help you be more engaged in managing your health when you are faced with frightening and life-changing neurological health conditions.

Why waste time....are you ready for your plan?

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